Network Document Scanner

Network Document Scanner

Today: November 20, 2014

A network document scanner is the type of scanner that a business organization should have instead of the individual printers and scanners that is commonly in use in the early business technology years. A network document scanner gives your business a lot of benefits in the areas of optimum network document scanner use and efficiency. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it is also system-efficient as a whole.

Prior to the spread of the use of the network document scanner, business corporations had to go through the worries of maintenance of multiple scanners in different departments and units. In the case where a firm is maintaining cost-cutting measures and thus utilizes only a single scanner for the whole set of departments, it eventually results to more wasted manhours, more maintenance expenditures, and office procedure disruptions. If cost-cutting is a priority, a network document scanner becomes the most viable option in all cases. You can even have a network document scanner that does it all - scanning, printing, faxing, etc. Document file distribution becomes simplied, more efficient and time and effort saving.

Want a boost in efficiency? Go for a network document scanner.

Network Document Scanner: Available today!

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Network Document Scanner: Canon ScanFront 220P Color Standard Network Scanner

The Canon ScanFront 220/220P is a network document scanner that is in a class of its own when it comes to workflow and innovative scanning efficiency. You immediately get worry-free direct network scanning and sending capability after this plug and play unit is installed and easily connected to your network. Scan directly to email, shared folders, FTP, USB memory, etc. with full touch screen features. Backed by cutting edge imaging technology and with a user friendly interface, you surely can never go wrong with this network document scanner. Read more...

Network Document Scanner: Duplex/Network-Ready Digital Laser Printer/Copier

If you seek high-end functionality, this is the network document scanner you are looking for. With an ethernet interface that lets you install directly to a network, you can make up to 99 single or double sided copies at one pass in sortable groups. You can also scan up to legal-size documents right on the glass. Living up to being a network document scanner , you can scan directly to email applications or to pdf files. This scanner features a one-sheet auto-bypass feeder. Read more...


Network Document Scanner: HP 9200C Digital Sender

Do whatever you want like sharing, archiving, integrating paper documents into efficient electronic workflows with this cutting edge network document scanner. With an automated document workflow, you can increase productivity, reduces expenses and improve over-all competitiveness in the organization. As with regular network document scanners, you can easily, accurately and securely scan files and documents to email, network folders, ftp, fax services, and printers. There is an optional HP Autostore software feature which extends the functionality to include direct transmission or sending to some backend applications, barcode reading and even form recognition. This network document scanner is designed for organizations with decentralized, paper-intensive workflows that requires a dedicated network document scanner like this. Read more...

Network Document Scanner: HP Network ScanJet 5 - Document scanner

This network document scanner, the HP Network ScanJet 5, allows you to quickly and easily convert paper documents into easily-distributable electronic data. Connecting directly to your existing token-ring network, this network document scanner supports major network OS like Novell, MS Windows NT Domain server 3.51/4.0(TCP-IP), IBM LAN Server 3.0/4.0 with full compatibility will all versions of Windows OS. With a user-friendly control panel, distribution, faxing, copying, printing functions can all be performed from one location and all documents can be transmitted to any destination including private and public distributions lists, pre-configured groups of users, individual stations, or to your desktop. You may also fax and scan directly from your control panel through Castelle, Biscom and other supported Local Area Network fax solutions. Read more...

Network Document Scanner: HP ScanJet N6350 Networked Document Scanner

This is a simple to use network document scanner that is designed for small working teams that has no dedicated IT resources. The HP Scanjet N6350 is a versatile document scanner with integrated networking for multiple users making sharing and sending digital files to email or network folders easy and convenient. It has a 4-line LCD display, dedicated scan/copy buttons, and task shortcut features that help complete scanning tasks efficiently. It can also capture documents of various dimensions, transparent materials, photos, negatives and slides.

Network Document Scanner: Network-Ready/Duplex Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax/

This network document scanner has all functions and features that you would ever need in a laser all-in-one product. It has standard built-in (2-sided) duplexing for printing, faxing, copying and scanning and delivers speeds up to 30 pages per minute. You can either install it via USB or parallel for a single user, or you can install on a network for multiple users. It has a 50-sheet multipurpose tray that comes in handy for printing labels, envelopes or various types of cards. And of course the regular glass top can accomodate legal sized documents.Read more...

Network Document Scanner: Scanfront 220 Adf Touch Screen USB Network Scanner

Scanning and sharing data and information with your co-employees could not be simpler with the new Canon ScanFront 220 colored network document scanner. This compact device prioritizes ease-of-operation with the huge color touch screen and with instant network access - not needing any additional hardware or software. Read more...
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